Servo controlled voltage stabilizer with isolation transformer

The above unit comprises of an Isolation Transformer fitted with Servo Voltage Stabilizer. Normally we see that in most of the rural or semi developed areas the neutral is not proper, because of which there is always unstable incoming voltages. By using the isolation transformer we can generate our own neutral thereby giving stable neutral to the input of servo voltage stabilizer ultimately increasing the efficiency and working of the servo voltage stabilizer. This give a constant output voltage and with proper 'zero' potential neutral. In other words An Isolation Transformer is Delta Star connected and input neutral is not used. The Star connected secondary provides a dedicated neutral thus ensuring balanced single phase as well as 3 phase voltages. We can make this combination in various options. We can use Isolation Transformer as step up transformer or step down transformer at input before servo voltage stabilizers or we can uses 1 : 1 isolation transformer at Input before servo voltage stabilizer. Apart from the voltage stability the provision of Isolation Transformer provides total protection against surges and the spike up to a level of 80-100 db. This makes the unit versatile for application in remote areas & for applications like Radars, Medical equipment and many other similar applications which require totally noise (electrical) free installations.