Technical Specification
Efficiency More than 98% at full Load.
Input Voltage Range 360V-470V,310V-470V,340V-470V
Output Voltage Range 380V / 400V / 415V +/-1%
Type of Machine Three Phase Unbalanced Units
Efficiency More than 98% at full Load.
Output Wave-form no distortion in input waveform i.e. sine wave
Speed of Correction 60V/second.
Class of Insulation Class F
Nature of cooling Oil Cooled
Type of Duty Continuous
Metering VAF Digital meter to measure Input and Output for each individual phases
Indication Input, Output, Overload/ Underload, Under Voltage/ Over Voltage, Single Phase Preventer.
Protection UV/OV, Output Over Load, Single Phase Protection, Spike Surge, Short Circuit Protection with the help of electronic