Isolation Transformer: used to establish a new neutral-ground bond in order to correct common mode and other grounding problems. A transformer can provide conversion of a Delta system (3 wire) to a Wye connected (4 wire) system. A shielded isolation transformer provides excellent protection from all types of N-G disturbances (impulses, RMS voltage, and high frequency noise). It also protects against voltage transients and spikes while offering full rd galvanic isolation, traps 3 harmonic and triplen harmonics.

We hereby introduce ourselves as a manufacturer of dry type power transformers and reactors. We are established in this field since 2003. Our Dry Type Transformer adopt high quality low loss silicon sheet and arranged non-bobbin coil winding technology, and we apply vacuum pressure impregnating (VPI) process and solidify baking process to achieve insulation class H or C. Our transformers are widely used on any occasions where voltage is below 1000V and frequency below 400 Hz, and equipment’s which require voltage to step up or down. For small to medium capacity transformers, we apply enamel wire winding, and we apply foil winding for large capacity ones.

Technical Specification
Tittle Isolation Transformer
Rating 5KVA To 200 KVA
Capacity 1Phase – 1Phase
3Phase – 3Phase
Frequency 50Hz, A.C.
Vector Group DYn11
Input 230V
Output 230V
Cooling Naturally Air Cooled
Class of Insulation Class F
Efficiency Above 90%
Temp Rise According to Class ‘F’
Mounting Panel Mounting (With Enclosure)
Termination On Both Side




Applications of Isolation Transformers

Our products range is as under: